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About Our Producers

BlipsWerx Productions is a boutique multimedia studio located in Atascadero, California, half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco near Highway 101.


We offer a variety of services for studio recording (up to 16 simultaneous tracks) as well as mobile recording, designing custom artwork for CD/DVD packages and other projects, editing digital photographs/images, designing  logos and product labels, and teaching private music lessons including voice, guitar, piano, bass, flute, ukulele, and drums. Do you have a project in mind that we did not list? Contact us!


Ron Hagadone is our primary audio producer. He started playing guitar at the age of 14 in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, studying the instrument while playing in bands in area clubs. Later, Ron studied recording and sound engineering. He moved to Los Angeles with band mates, and later enrolled in Musician's Institute, completing the guitar program with honors, and quickly finding professional touring jobs. In between bands and performances, Ron continued to record in both analog and digital platforms, expanding his knowledge and expertise. He returned to California State University Northridge and earned his BA in Music Therapy while playing in bands, recording, and producing numerous CDs. Ron has two decades of experience in Music Therapy and maintains board certification. He plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and sings, and is also a grill master!


Sharine Borslien is our primary visual producer. She started singing and playing flute in her rural hometown Wisconsin school, church, and the community in grade school. After leaving college early to cut her chops in Los Angeles, she studied voice, guitar, piano, and bass while learning the craft of songwriting, and recorded and performed in clubs. A band mate introduced Sharine to Photoshop in 1994, and she was hooked. She has produced hundreds of designs for various musical and graphical projects. Sharine is a private music instructor,  graphic designer, and writer who earned a B.A. in Communication Studies at Cal Poly, and she loves to cook!